another pic sent by friend via mail


  1. Excellent pictures, excellent model, excellent feet, excellent feet jewelry. In other words, excellent taste.

  2. Faroni,

    very well said. very symmetric, toes that are excellently poised even in the dangle position, the beautiful arch and curves that are rarely seen in feet. just look at the length of each toe! And above all the veiny finish has the sensuality etched on the skin. excellent shot.

  3. Thanks, Hardrive; I full agree with you.

    Have you already visited my blog? You can find some beautiful pictures at

    The language is Spanish, but there are plenty of tasteful pics of nice feet, elegant shoes, skillful pedicure work, and some other relevant body parts of La Gata, my fiancée.

    Enjoy, and leave your comments if you please.

  4. Faroni,
    had been to your blog. great stuff you have there too! is it all of the same person? can't read spanish.

    I have been requesting max here to post some more pics of the same feet here if he has. no luck yet

  5. Some one has flicked this photo to another blog

  6. You people are fucked. Those are some ugly ass feet!! indian womens feet have to be the ugliest!!! GAG!!